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International Journal of Home Science

2016, VOL. 2 ISSUE 2, PART D

Problems of Women Laborers Engaged In Paddy Transplanting Activity in Allahabad

Author(s): Dr. Razia Parvez P. I, Dr. A. K. A Lawranc Co-P. I, Swarn Lata JRF
Paddy Transplantingrnis very mind-numbing work mostly done by women workers during Kharif season andrnby 2020 there would be 50 percent women against 42 percent at present (S.rnPradhan and S.K. Mohanty 2014). Physical transplanting consume a lot of energyrnand time full of exhaustion, but the poor socio-economic of the women does notrnallow them to adopt power operated transplanting machine. The objective of thernstudy was to find out the physical problems of women laborers while engaged inrnpaddy transplanting activity. Total fifty one women were selected for thernstudy. They were aged between 20-60 years. A set of Interview schedule wasrndesigned and a body map used to identify the incidences of pain among women inrnpaddy transplanting activity. The findings show that the cent percent farmrnwomen experienced fatigue due to continuously repeated standing and bendingrnpostures during transplanting activity. The 54.9 percent women reported lightrnpain due to scratches and 45.1 percent farm women reported moderate pain in thumb,rnwrist joint and slight scratches during paddy transplanting. All the farmrnwomen’s’ skin got wrinkled and became white during paddy transplanting as theirrnhands were in the water throughout the day. The women also reported the severernpain in nights. The energy expenditure of farm women was increased 1.51 kg/minrnduring paddy transplanting activity. Total majority 61 percent women laborersrnwere transplanting the paddy at 70◦ - 75◦ angle bendingrnposture and 39 percent women laborers were transplanting the paddy at 65◦rn- 70◦ angle bending posture. Physiological Cost of Work/bpm of WomenrnLabourers in Chaka Block was 10.8 (lowest); in Kaudhihar Block were 11 whereasrnin Bhadurpur block it was 11.7 which were highest. Energy expenditure wasrnincreased 1.51 kg/min during paddy transplanting activity. Therefore it isrnconcluded that the paddy transplanting is proved as the most drudgery pronernactivity by the sample women of Allahabad city. Therefore it is recommendedrnthat women laborers should take rest in between working hours to reducernfatigue. It also concluded that there is a need to study the physiologicalrnparameters of the subjects by adopting different work rest cycle.
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International Journal of Home Science
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Dr. Razia Parvez P. I, Dr. A. K. A Lawranc Co-P. I, Swarn Lata JRF. Problems of Women Laborers Engaged In Paddy Transplanting Activity in Allahabad. Int J Home Sci 2016;2(2):240-245.

International Journal of Home Science
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