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International Journal of Home Science

2015, VOL. 1 ISSUE 2, PART A

Analysis of emotional quotient and intelligence quotient among ‘High Achievers’ and ‘Low Performers’ in school academics

Author(s): Shruti Marwaha
The present research study was conducted to analyze the Emotional Quotient* and the Intelligence Quotient* of ‘High Achievers’* and ‘Low performers’* in School Academics. The research was conducted in Chandigarh and Mohali. The sample consisted of two groups, boys as well as girls, of 9th standard, and their result and assessment of the previous year i.e. 8th standard was considered. The first group Group A included ‘High Achievers’ having scored above 80% marks. The second group Group B included ‘low performers’ scoring marks between 40% and 60%. The tools used in the study were Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scale and Emotional Quotient Self-Score Questionnaire. It was reported that students with high EQ as well as high IQ scored higher, those with high IQ but low EQ scored less, those with low IQ but low EQ scored less, and those with low IQ as well as low EQ, scored very less. Thus, it could be concluded that Emotional Intelligence holds utmost importance to utilize, ameliorate and channelize the vital Intelligence Quotient for achieving success in academics.
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